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Why do predators seem as abundant as prey in trail camera footage?

From basic thermodynamic principles, I would normally expect prey species to be much more abundant than predators. Applying that to North American species like deer, wolves and bears, I would expect ...
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Find a trail camera I put in a backcountry area far from reliable cell phone coverage

I want to put some trail cameras in a remote location in an area far from reliable cell phone coverage, and leave them there for several weeks to capture videos of wildlife. I wonder how I will be ...
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4 votes
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What features should I look for in a trail camera?

Trail cameras are motioned achieved cameras that are used to capture pictures of wild animals in the outdoors. The idea is that you can set it up in a place where animals are like to be such as a ...
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How to keep a trail camera from being stolen?

Trail cameras are setup up on trails to take pictures of wild animals when you aren't around. The problem with that is that other people may find them and may be tempted to steal them. How can I ...
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What features of a trail camera make it easier for photographing animals than other cameras?

In this answer to a question I asked about how to photograph moose without scaring them, one of the possible suggestions was a "trail camera." What exactly is a trail camera? How does it differ in ...
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