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Questions relating to trekking poles or other walking sticks used to assist walking, both fixed and collapsible.

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At a low price point, should I buy one more upmarket trekking pole, or two lower quality ones?

I have never used trekking poles on grounds of being an additional expense, making you stand out from casual walkers, leaving you no free hands, and not being suitable for aircraft hand luggage (I ...
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Why don't trail runners use walking poles?

I am fascinated with trail running. However, I am reluctant to start doing that regularly because of the descents: from what I heard (and from limited personal experience), you need walking poles for ...
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What sort of glue (if any) to use to fix replacement tips onto carbon fibre trekking poles?

I have a pair of quite old Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork Flicklock trekking poles. After much use and abuse the tip on one of them has finally gotten bashed in (the carbide tip has either broken ...
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Telescopic trekking poles: clamp vs. screw system [duplicate]

I'm looking to get a new pair of trekking poles for my next trek as I find them an invaluable tool on longer hikes with higher pack load. It seems others and science agree to some degree at least, so ...
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Should I use one or two trekking poles?

I am preparing for a Himalayan Expedition which requires a trekking pole at the altitude of 16000 ft and melting snow condition. I haven't used any aluminium/carbon fibre poles yet. I usually find a ...
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Cross-country style baskets for Black Diamond collapsible poles

I have two pairs of collapsible poles made by Black Diamond (Traverse and Expedition 3). I tried using them for cross-country skiing on groomed trails, but the baskets I was using (the trekking and ...
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Is it bad to rely on trekking poles?

I haven't used trekking poles but I've used wooden poles and they make a huge difference while hiking. Ascents are somewhat easier, and descents are much more so thanks to the poles as another thing ...
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How can I re-fit a hiking pole that came apart?

My Coleman anti-shock hiking pole came apart in two pieces, and I can't get the two pieces back together so they don't slide apart again. Any suggestions how they can be stabilized so it can be used?
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Trekking Poles - Carbon Fiber vs. Aluminum

What are the advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber vs. aluminium when buying trekking poles? Are carbon fiber really lighter, do they break easier if jammed wrong, etc.?
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What are the advantages of different locks for collapsible trekking poles?

I've generally seen two kinds of locks for adjustable trekking poles. Twist lock and clamp lock (Clamp lock is also called "lever lock" and "quick lock"). What are the comparative advantages and ...
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Whippet as trekking pole?

I was wondering if whippet could be used as a trekking pole? Question arises from hiking on steep hills (no snow, dry grass), where any additional grip would be really helpful. I've read that most ...
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Trekking poles making odd noise

My hiking poles have started making an odd, springy noise with every step. The noise sounds like the poles themselves are vibrating each time I plant them into the ground, and it starts about an mile ...
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Walking stick or Pole

I have never fancied using a stick or pole for hiking. With a heavy backpack, its always tiring to walk, especially on an ascend. Last weekend it was the same east side story for me. Seeing me ...
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Trekking poles: what are the pros and cons of Anti-shock vs standard designs?

This is not a shopping question just to preface that issue. I'm not looking for a specific brand or model of trekking pole. Also to add some background information, I have borrowed trekking poles once,...
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Trekking poles: Collapsed or fixed?

I recently purchased some collapsible trekking poles (Komperdell Ridgehiker, made in Austria) and found them quite useful in terms of being able to extend or retract them slightly for going up and ...
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Are trekking poles proven to be helpful?

I covered quite a lot of ground, but approaching 36 my knees are starting to give me troubles. Should I expect trekking poles to restore my previous stamina and walking durability? Or are they just ...
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Trekking poles on planes

Have people been able to bring their (folding) trekking poles onto planes? We're flying without checked-in baggage (on Wizz Air, from Europe to Israel). We've paid for "two large cabin bags", and the ...
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Trekking Pole vs Nordic Walking Pole

I am taking up hiking again on weekends, and also trying to do more walking to get out of the house of an evening. I regularly see people doing Nordic Walking in my neighbourhood, and I also see the ...
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Trekking poles with many attachments?

Can anyone point to any commercial or DIY trekking poles whose end-piece can be swapped -- i.e. regular pole point, sharp spear, raft paddle, camera screw, etc?
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Trekking Pole Length

I was recently convinced to buy a pair of trekking poles for backpacking. But how long should they be? What is the optimal length to adjust my trekking poles, when carrying a heavy pack? I have ...
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How can you prevent trekking pole locking mechanisms from slipping?

When using trekking poles with a twist-and-lock locking mechanism, I've experienced slipping (the poles will slightly collapse during use, making you frequently extend and re-lock it). Is there ...
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Should I get trekking poles for snowshoeing, or stick with ski poles?

Being an avid skier I have ski poles lying around, so I've always used those. Do proper trekking poles offer any advantages for snowshoeing?
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