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Questions tagged [via-ferrata]

Questions about the via-ferrata stylle of climbing

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Hallstatt trek: Obertraun to Lodge am Krippenstein

I want to trek from Obertraun to Lodge am Krippenstein, as indicated in this google map:,+Winkl+...
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Is clipping onto the rungs of a via ferrata bad practice?

I did my first via ferrata this weekend and noticed there were often long vertical distances separating the cable anchors. At times this length was around 10m. This meant that a fall before reaching ...
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Differences between shock absorber and via ferrata set

What are the differences between a shock absorber as it is used in professional rope access and a via ferrata set? As I found out that in my country shock absorbers have to fulfill EN 355 and via ...
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Via ferrata equipment maintenance

How would you store via ferrata equipment between season? Temperature, humidity? Is there any additional maintenance required?
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Approximately how long does the Telluride Via Ferrata route take?

I'd like to know approximately how long it takes to do the Telluride Via Ferrata route. I've seen estimates anywhere from 2 hours to 6+ hours which seems extremely wide to me. How long does the actual ...
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How dangerous is it to climb a via ferrata alone?

What are the risks of climbing a via ferrata alone? Would going through very easy via ferratas still pose high risks? Are well visited and easy climbing via ferratas necessarily a great danger? I ...
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Are there any unguided via ferrata routes in the Canadian Rockies?

I just learned about the via ferrata route in Banff on Norquay, but if you don't go with a guide then it's considered trespassing. Are there any via ferrata routes in the Canadian Rockies that are ...
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Climbing gear: can the energy absorbers of a lanyard for via ferratas be used only once?

Is the energy absorber of a gear kit for via ferratas for just one use? I mean, one fall and it has to be replaced? In the product description, there is often mention of it being "tearable."
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Understanding/comparing via ferrata grades?

I have a bit of experience going on via ferratas. But never wondered about their grading. I know that most countries have 1 to 5 grading systems. From that I have seen grade 1 would be doable by any ...
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