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What type of wasp or bee is this?

What type of insect is this? Is it dangerous to bees? I've seen them feeding on flowers, but I've also noticed that, on the same plant, when they're there the bees are not, and viceversa. The photo ...
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Can you safely tame an Eastern Yellowjacket?

I know this is a weird and sort of crazy question, but can you safely tame wasps as pets? Here's what I'm thinking: I have non-filtered all-natural 100% honey. I know that adult wasps eat very sweet ...
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6 votes
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How to coexist with bees/wasps?

Due to some peculiar health issues, for the time being I cannot study around people. I've found a secluded place in my college, it's outdoors, no one goes there and still catches wi-fi. However, ...
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Why are there so many wasps attached to this air conditioner?

I wish to get rid of these wasps. I am not sure what they are trying to do. Are these wasps creating a hive? Or is there something from the A/C they are collecting to create a hive somewhere else?
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Wasp repellent for an object/area?

I have a camera setup outside. Wasp seem to enjoy nesting in and around this camera. I know there are all kinds of wasp killers but is there anything I can do to repel wasps from nesting in and around ...
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Is there any repellent against wasps, bees and hornets?

On my trip I've been accompanied by a few wasps. I don't know what attracted them but they were trying to sit on me, which wasn't comfortable to me, since a bite of a wasp is causing by me a swelling ...
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10 votes
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How to reduce pain of wasp stings?

Assuming I am not allergic, or showing signs of allergic reaction, what's the best way to treat multiple yellow jacket (a type of wasp) stings in the outdoors while hiking/backpacking? My key concern ...
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