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Used when refereed to Western Mountain ranges or Sahyadri Mountains

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What's the difference between defined Forest areas and laws with respect to hiking/camping through them in India?

While Planning a hike in Western Ghats, India by studying Satellite Images, I came through various identifications for a forest area like National Park, Wildlife Sanctuary, etc. On studying further I ...
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Possible resources to identify birds while outdoors (preferably in the Indian subcontinent)?

I get to travel a lot in the richly biodiverse western ghats of India. While hiking, one of the most difficult tasks I face is to identify birds that I come across. I'm not a professional or even ...
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Which dangerous wild animals are most likely to be encountered in Western Ghats, India

I hike in Western Ghats, Maharashtra, India. Most of the times the hike involves walking/climbing in day time and resting/sleeping, often in caves/unmanned temples/shaks of some kind at night. ...
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Effective way to carry a sleeping mattress with rucksack?

I am going for four day hike in Western Ghats. The terrain is rocky humid and It is one of the eight "hottest hotspots" of biological diversity in the world. I am trying to pack my rucksack as ...
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