Questions tagged [wet-gear]

Use this tag for questions regarding the dealing with of wet gear, such as clothing, boots, backpacks, sleeping bags, and other items that are normally used in outdoor pursuits. This tag should not be used alone, but always in conjunction with the gear that is wet.

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Synthetic insulated belay jacket vs thicker mid layers or down

When it gets colder while walking, I'd add an extra fleece as a mid layer and when we stop to eat, I would put it on too, or I'd wear a down jacket if it's dry. However when it's wet, it seems like ...
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How to avoid getting wet when exiting a canoe onto shore?

At the end of November we are going an a 3 day canoeing trip with multiple obstacles where we have to get the canoe out of the water. As it is really cold at this time, we don't want to get wet boots/...
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Is it ok for my climbing shoes/chalk bag to get wet?

I recently picked up bouldering and bought my first pair of shoes as well as chalk and a bag. I've only been climbing in the gym for now and handled the equipment like any other gym-sports-equipment: ...
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How to dry a BCD (Buoyancy Control Device)

Out of all my dive gear, the item that is the hardest to dry is the BCD. If the weather is nice then it is not an issue, just put it outside. The issue is drying my BCD when the weather is rather ...
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How does drying stuff in your sleeping bag work?

A pretty common trick when winter camping is to dry anything that gets damp/wet (e.g., base layers and socks) in your sleeping bag (cf. How do you dry wet socks when camping/backpacking if it's ...
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