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How can I secure the car key while surfing? [duplicate]

I had a near miss yesterday as I tried a strategy of a fellow surfer: I buried my mechanical car key in the sand, put my bag on top of it, and went surfing. A few dogs on the beach must have shifted ...
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Does windsurfing experience help me to learn kitesurfing?

I have some experience in windsurfing, meaning that I can perform the basic moves and handle the board and sail under normal to slightly difficult conditions. I have always been interested in ...
12 votes
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What to look for when buying used windsurfing equipment?

When I buy used windsurfing equipment, what should I check it for? Obviously, visible damage would be bad, but what else? I have read that one shouldn´t buy old boards from the 80's since they are ...
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Optimal conditions for windsurfing

What are the optimal wind speed, direction, and surf conditions for windsurfing?
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Essential windsurfing moves

In windsurfing there exist many different moves. Apart from the very basic techniques (like uphauling the sail), which moves are considered essential for windsurfing? Which order is good for learning ...
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Best time to buy used (wind-)surfing equipment

I am wondering if there is a best time to buy used surfing equipment. Is there any time when the offered variety will be greatest or when the prices will be lowest? Would that be just after season or ...
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Considerations for buying windsurfing boards?

Which things should I consider when buying a surfboard for windsurfing? I am particularly interested in the first board after finishing a beginner´s course and gaining sufficient experience on one ...
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Dangers of currents for windsurfers

Can sea currents be dangerous for surfers? How common would this be? Should I ask locals about currents before surfing at a new spot?