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Whenever applicable use a more specific tag like backpack, shoes, stoves, tents, ... Only questions that do not fit into such a tag and are related to any physical equipment for engaging in those activities discussed in The Great Outdoors should use the gear tag.

To be honest, the two terms, "Ultralight" and "Cottage Industry" are orthogonal - there are cottage industries producing many items. You are probably seeing more Ultralight items in this space becau …
answered Oct 26 '15 by Rory Alsop
Section 6.1 here shows what you should do. Once movescount is installed, it should just work. If this doesn't work then you may have a technical issue which you will need to take up with Suunto.
answered Jul 19 '16 by Rory Alsop
The key points to look for are wear at the joins between webbing and buckles, or between webbing and the fabric of the pack itself, as these will typically go first. Then look for rips, tears or are …
answered Jul 16 '12 by Rory Alsop
Braces have a couple of advantages I can think of: the weight of the trousers is taken on your shoulders, not your waist they can come up higher than your waist These are important for snow sports …
answered Dec 1 '15 by Rory Alsop
The answer is in your bowing action - the travel comes from your arm movement not being in a straight line each direction: there is a bias one way or the other. Usually the bias is in the direction th …
answered Sep 28 '12 by Rory Alsop
Paul and Kevin are correct here - any corrective lens has to alter what your eye sees. Your brain very rapidly corrects (a few minutes) but it is a basic function of optical physics that is unavoidabl …
answered Jan 30 '15 by Rory Alsop
This is actually a very broad question, and I'm not 100% sure it is best suited here. That said, I'll try an answer: Sports Stack Exchange has this question on sail choice for sailboarding, which act …
answered May 27 '14 by Rory Alsop
Have you tried fitting them both into a single pillowcase? That should keep them together for you. Failing that, if you are car camping, why not just take your normal pillow? Presumably you don't hav …
answered Apr 21 '13 by Rory Alsop
Until you are an amazingly skilled skater, just go with a 5. They are cheap, and to be honest, you won't be able to notice the difference. I've skated for years and I can't really tell when I'm on a b …
answered Apr 8 '16 by Rory Alsop
If they are in two pieces (hard shell and soft liner) then treat them separately, washing and drying the liner before putting it away in an airing cupboard or similar warm dry place. You want to clea …
answered Jan 23 '13 by Rory Alsop
If you have never surfed before, avoid going for a really long one - they are very unweildy, can be difficult to get up to speed, and are a pain to carry back to the car when you are tired out :-) As …
answered May 2 '12 by Rory Alsop
climbers agree that in the event of a fall grabbing the rope immediately in front of your waist point gives you a safe point (which also keeps your hands away from gear.) If you are deep under an …
answered Dec 1 '14 by Rory Alsop
I think this is quite a tricky one. Even when I read the Health & Safety Executive guidance in the UK (a country quite keen on its health and safety rules) it isn't clear: HSE has an 'Are You a Tree …
answered Oct 30 '14 by Rory Alsop
I have always taught sailing students to run a full check every time they rig the boat (if it's a dinghy or the mast is regularly lowered) or annually before returning it to the water after winter. A …
answered Apr 8 '17 by Rory Alsop
I have heard of a wide range of stories where people were saved using some string, a piece of flint etc. (A related example from earlier this month is reported in the Hamilton Advertiser where a boy u …
answered Aug 28 '12 by Rory Alsop

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