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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 553
any outdoor walking activity - along trails or across unmarked wild country.
× 517
Questions that discuss about precautions need to be taken for ensuring the safety in various outdoor activities that are in scope of The Great Outdoors should be tagged with this tag.
× 493
Whenever applicable use a more specific tag like backpack, shoes, stoves, tents, ... Only questions that do not fit into such a tag and are related to any physical equipment for engaging in those acti…
× 303
Questions related to backpacking equipment, routes, safety concerns, or issues related to traveling on foot while carrying all of one's equipment (such as accessibility of certain regions to foot tra…
× 302
Questions discussing camping as an activity, equipment and skills that can make camping safer and more enjoyable, possible campsites and related legal and security issues for a specific region should …
× 297
should be used for all questions about the activity rock climbing, books, gear and accessories used or necessary to do rock climbing. The term Rock Climbing is an activity in which participan…
× 269
Questions relating to climbing can include any activity that requires the use of your hands and feet to move vertically up an object, obstruction or terrain. This varies from trees to boulders to clif…
× 214
Questions relating to staying alive in the wilderness and learning survival techniques.
× 191
Questions specific to the United States
× 183
should be used on questions that discuss possible places for mountaineering in a specific region; do's and don'ts during a mountaineering expedition; safety and equipment associated with moun…
× 152
Questions about the use, selection, and care of portable shelters consisting of poles for support and some form of fabric to protect from the elements.
× 130
Specific concerns to transporting, preparing, and consuming foods during excursions into the great outdoors.
× 118
Questions about the activity of trying to catch fish, usually in the wild, using a wide range of techniques
× 114
Question about choosing proper clothes for outdoor activity and repairing/replacing them while being outside.
× 110
a useful and versatile material in the outdoors that can be used for all manner of tasks, from tying up a bag to constructing live saving structures.
× 109
often an adventurous and arduous journey on foot, through jungles, marked or un-marked trails, and the areas where common means of transport are (generally) not available. P.S: The term T…
× 107
Egg laying, two legged, warm blooded, vertebrates with feathers. Use this tag to ask questions about our feathered friends.
× 106
Questions about animals likely to be encountered outdoors, whether from the perspective of food (hunting, preparing, eating), shelter (skinning), for avoidance (bears, lions, other dangerous animals),…
× 105
Questions relating to the use of knots in performing activities in the great outdoors such as climbing and fishing.
× 104
The cold season - depending on the climate this can be simply mild to posing life threatening conditions, and especially in the latter case preparation is essential.
× 100
Questions related to camping or staying overnight in the wilderness.
× 99
Questions related to staying healthy or dealing with health issues during outdoor activities. Answers given here are not intended as a replacement for professional medical advice. Please do not use th…
× 96
Scouting, tracking, pursuing, and killing animals for sport and/or food.
× 93
Anything on backpacks, as a piece of equipment, its maintenance, modifications and tricks.
× 91
Questions about shooting with a bow and arrows, especially at a target as a sport.
× 86
Cold weather can mean a period of specific low temperatures, frequently the freezing point or below. It also describes atmospheric conditions, including wind and factors which lower temperature. It's…
× 86
Questions specific to the United Kingdom, including England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.
× 85
for questions about boots (not shoes) used for outdoor activities including hiking, trekking, climbing, fishing etc. It can be anything related to maintenance, correct use or their access…
× 84
Questions about bears
× 82
Questions discussing necessary precautions, safety concerns, required equipment and overall safety measures to be taken into consideration during skiing should be tagged with this tag. This tag can al…
× 80
Questions relating to specific or unusual behaviour shown in animals.
× 78
Questions about DIY (Do It Yourself) projects
× 78
Anything on this essential item. Questions on models, types, modifications, hacks, maintenance and correct use.
× 77
Questions referring to the use or care of boats
× 73
Questions about the proper terms for something, or the reasons behind naming something
× 72
for all questions about outdoor navigation with maps, compasses or mobile devices equipped with sensors for satellite based positioning systems.