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I shoot horribly at archery tournaments - what can I do about it?

Its something that happens in every sport. Generally target shooting the mantra is: bad day, drop everything for awhile, go get a beer, chitchat, help others in the club or simply call it the day. The ...
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Which authorities to consider in Germany when planning an archery course?

Any authority in Germany is required by law to direct you to the correct office to deal with your question (Amtshilfe). A good starting point would be the receptionist at the local council (this could ...
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Downsides of a bullet point for 3D archery

They didnt give you any reason for that suggestion? Sometimes depends on clubs, one club I was member of years ago was extremely fussy about which were allowed and which not. There is a difference in ...
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What's the best way to plan a 3D archery course?

The NFAA has a great guide on how to create a field archery course. The guide talks about minimum distances between targets, backstops and safe angles of approach.
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Why is the US kill rating so different?

Arbitrary rules are just that - arbitrary. One point of difference is that in 3D archery in the USA, you get exactly one arrow per target -- there's no concept of a "split kill". The ring you list ...
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