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Seagulls flocking by night?

a bit late on the response but I got here eventually! I live on the south coast in the UK & the seagulls here exhibit similar behaviour. As it gets towards evening they start off from their inland ...
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Seagulls flocking by night?

Some gulls migrate in flocks; Franklin gulls, for example, migrate between breeding grounds in Canada to wintering grounds in South America, and would be headed northward in March to arrive at ...
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Which animals would kill porcupines?

People. The most likely case is that the porcupine was first hit by a car or shot by a hunter and was then scavenged by a coyote. The coyote would drag it away from the initial killing to a more ...
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Is there any statistical evidence that hunting reduces the likelihood of mountain lion attacks?

I can only speak from living in my geological area, thick forest near Lake Tahoe California. Here in Ca, hunting lions is not allowed. I personally love these creatures. I've camped all over this ...
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