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How far can a pair of shoes last?

I don't know what 'experts' you've heard, but trekking shoes that can't make at least 1000 km are a very low quality ones. The 'recommended' mileage for running shoes in popular apps is often as low ...
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Backpack hiking poles loops

I suspect the part you've shown is specific to one manufacturer, but direct equivalents might exist. However they'd be hard to find. Here are a couple of similar systems I've seen. This one is from a ...
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How far can a pair of shoes last?

To add two more data points: My best pair of heavy hiking/trekking shoes from LOWA lasted me about 1500-2000km. Most of that with a heavy pack (20kg and more) and over rough terrain. They were full ...
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Cooked meat/chicken when hiking

Unfortunately, pre-cooking your chicken or steak and storing it in a Ziploc bag for 2-3 days on a hike is not a safe practice. Even though the meat is cooked initially, there are several key factors ...
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What size dry bag is best for keeping and washing clothes?

In my experience, a 20L dry sack is the perfect for washing all of the following at once: 1 pair of socks 1 underwear 1 shirt 1 pants 1 bandana You'll also be able to use it to wash bed sheets or ...
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