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Objectively: no idea. Subjectively: Waste zero seconds. Make sure I have boots on. Run to the edge of the fire. Simultaneously shout some orders at some of the campers (if they allowed this, they are obviously incompetent, probably also frozen in panic). Furiously use mu hands to rip fuel (dry branches, pine branches, high grass, dry brush) and throwing it ...


I am guessing a pair of barn owls? They make a lot of wild noises Otherwise, perhaps a nighthawk? They squawk and use their wings to make a booming sound, which is can be very startling.


Dehydrated foods require cooking, even seasoning sometimes. So one needs to boil the food and let it cook for some time. This usually takes at least 15 minutes to four hours. One most beneficial aspect of freeze dried foods is that they can be easily prepared. So you just need to add hot or cold water to the freeze dried food and you’re good to go. In other ...

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