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What can I do to get garden birds back after hawk has made my bird-feeder his hunting ground?

I am so happy to hear this! I have witnessed this phenomenon in my backyard. I left town for 4 days and realized my feeders ran out while gone. I love my birds so immediately went out, cleaned all my ...
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How should I position my hummingbird feeders to attract the most birds?

One thing to consider is how territorial (or not) the hummingbirds in your area are. The Anna's Hummingbirds that we have in western Washington (USA) are reputed to be very territorial. From what I've ...
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How to encourage birds into the garden of a rented house?

Your garden shows what is typically called a "green desert". While it looks green there is no variation, no habitat, no food sources, no life... What you really need are local plants of as ...
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