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Unfortunately they like the damp (as we typically have in the UK at this time of year) and will find warmth. So there will be lots about and may seek you out. You either need to repel them from your face, or attract them to something else. In the garden I use beer traps to draw them away from my plants. They're dishes with a lid like an umbrella, that you ...


At least along some of the popular long-distance trails like the Rennsteig it is explicitly allowed and common practice to use these as overnight shelters. Not sure if there are any strict rules around overnight use in other parts of Germany, but it's not likely you'd get in trouble if you tried ...


Down slippers weigh very little and store very small. Always pack them and use them along side high altitude down overmitts. Dont find out the hard way.I used them on the Cairngorms overnight minus 22 with the wind, in a bivvy shelter partially covered in snow. Of course the best way to retain heat is out of the wind and off the ground so always have a 3/4 ...


You could sprinkle a ring of crushed diatomaceous earth around your bag. I have heard that slugs and snails can't cross over it, it is like cut glass to their soft bodies. It is a very lightweight material that should not be hard to carry a small supply of.

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