It seems that your question is about efficacy of the method. I'm not a bow fishermen, but I know that some plankton feeders, such as the asian carp and the silver carp will not easily take a lure or a fly. In fact, carp is one of the most challenging fish to catch on an artificial lure (although they do take bait). In that case, bow fishing seems to be the ...


Bow fishing is a sportsmanship hobby like any other. If you like the idea of bow fishing, then try it. If you like the idea of rod and reel fishing, then try it. Which is better? Well, you can only shoot a fish you can see with the bow, and rod fishing lets you hunt for fish in places you couldn't possibly think to use a bow, such as deep water, thick ...


It's a form of hunting. Shoot a rabbit or snare it? Rod fishing you are luring a fish into a trap, bow fishing you are actively hunting. Some say you need an entire new kit but all you really need is a specialised type of arrow. It is all down to preference really.


Although probably not necessary, polarized sunglasses are extremely useful to spot the fish - especially on a sunny day.

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