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iOS has an app called PocketEarth. About 8-10$, IIRC. It uses OpenStreetMap, and downloads, no charge. Relevant to your question is that you can pay another 8-10$ and unlock the download topo maps for areas that have them. More exactly, I think it downloads countours, meaning that other things, like say trails, are still coming from OpenStreetMap, rather ...


For USA: Incredibly complete, and free. Maps are big PDFs (40mb or so). Not quicky navigated but well organized.


You don't say what area of the world you are looking for maps of, but I see your profile locates you in Alberta. If you were looking for locations in the USA, tiles USGS topo maps across the whole country like this: There are several options for units etc, which are displayed as you navigate around the map, distances are provided relative ...

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