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In canyoning, [why] do people skip a backup prusik?

Canyoneering has one major danger that is not (normally) one in mountaineering: water. If you get stuck abseiling along/in a waterfall and end up hanging in the waterfall, you can drown. An "engaged" ...
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In canyoning, [why] do people skip a backup prusik?

Canyoneering presents different risks than rock climbing because water is involved This comment on another post shows why water is an important factor (emphasis mine): Canyoneering with an ...
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Can you float-treat a rope?

No, because whether a rope floats or sinks is dependent on its specific gravity (which in turn is dependent on the materials used). [...] Those with SG [special gravity] greater than 1 are denser ...
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Can rock climbers easily transition to canyoning?

I was trained in SRT for vertical cave access before I began canyoneering. I've gone out with many people who have made the transition from rock climbing and there's a few things that they typically ...
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Good canyon (or canyoning) websites

I often use ropewiki. I'm not sure what they have listed globally, but they have really great write ups on lots of canyons in the US. Includes detailed information on the approaches (length, ...
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What to look for when purchasing a ~70m rope for canyoneering?

You need to be looking for semi-static rope, as used by cavers for SRT, usually of thickness between 8.5 and 11.0 mm. It's normally sold in 200-metre reels, though most retailers will cut to a ...
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Places for canyoning in England / Wales

Disclosure: I founded Big Blue Adventures There's some epic canyoning activities or day tours / weekends for groups based around canyoning in Wales with Big Blue Adventures. Gorge walking is the ...
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