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Twist-lock biners are standard tools in all types of climbing and mountaineering. You seem to have gotten the impression that there's something unsafe about them, but that's just not true. In my experience, self-locking biners are strictly a thing that you see on permanently installed setups in a climbing gym. I have never seen one outdoors. When you use a ...


There is not much good use for twist lock carabiners. Both from the safety and the handling perspective they are located right in the middle between a simple snap gate carabiner and a safebiner (tri-lock, ball lock, similar). This makes them pretty much unsuited for anything that requires easy handling (just clipping something) where a snap gate is superior. ...


Nobody ever complained of having too many carabiners; you did not waste your money no matter what you do with it right now. Clip it to a stopper knot on the end of your reserve/back-up rope, or use it to keep a rope bag closed, or clip it to a tie-down or tow rope in the back of your truck. One day it will be exactly the piece you need at exactly the right ...


I've used a twist lock carabiner to secure a water bottle holder or glasses case to a bag. When travelling in a city, this prevents opportunist thieves from easily unhooking the item from my bag.

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