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Why is it safe to check in climbing gear onto a flight?

As noted in comments by WeatherVane, the baggage area of a commercial flight will never approach anything near -62C. Sitting out on the wing, sure, but consider there is only a thin piece of aluminum ...
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At what elevation do 50% or higher percentages of mountaineers report symptoms of altitude sickness?

It's not definable to the level of precision you seem to be imagining, but probably somewhere around 16,000' (~4,900 meters). It depends on what criteria you use. For some references, see the ...
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Why is it acceptable to belay from above with a grigri but not using the same movement from below?

I think it's more a question of positioning than anything. If you're belaying from below with your arm/hand above, in the event of a fall, the main muscle working on putting tension on the cam is the ...
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Why is it acceptable to belay from above with a grigri but not using the same movement from below?

Specifically for a Grigri, there is nothing immediately unsafe about belaying like this as the camming action of the device is what holds a climber in a fall. The issue (apart from the comfort of the ...
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Was Alison Hargreaves the second person to summit Mt. Everest without supplemental oxygen and without support?

NO, she wasn't even close to 2nd. From 1978 to 1995 is 17 years!!! Plenty of others. "On this date, Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler were the first to climb to the top of Mount Everest without ...
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When did it become commonplace to rely on Sherpas' technical skills in climbing?

Tenzing got Hillary up Everest in '53 and earlier had been very nearly to the top a few years earlier, with the Swiss. Tenzing's nephew, uncle (or something) Nawang Gombu got J. Whittaker to summit ...
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Can anyone ID this hitch?

This appears to be the Single Hook Hitch (ABOK #1886), of course by then intended for hooks, not carabiners, and therefore in the chapter about about hitches on hooks (the whale icon designates it as &...
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How can I prevent back-feeding while rope soloing?

Preventing backfeeding is one of the many dangers in rope soloing that must be mitigated. It is especially pernicious as it is unique to rope soloing, often catching new soloists---who might otherwise ...
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What is the strength of an ATC belay device when used in a guide mode/multi-pitch setup?

here ya go the crew at Hownot2 did a bunch of tests on belay devices in a variety of configurations including the actual cables and pulling the eye to destruction basically someone else pulls stuff ...
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Why is it acceptable to belay from above with a grigri but not using the same movement from below?

There are two different things going on here- belaying a follower from above is a toprope scenario- the amount of rope is only going to get shorter as they climb up, all a belayer needs to do is to ...
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Why is there so much emphasis on in-person professional instruction in outdoor sports?

I think Youtube videos (or articles like this, for old-style guys like me) are a valid source, however you should use them only as extension, update or refresher for your in-person professional ...
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How should I check climbing equipment to tell whether it is still safe to use?

For textile materials (like harness, ropes, slings), most manufactures claim a life-time of max. 10 years, even for material which is not used and just stored in good conditions, i.e. in dry and dark ...
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