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This is very dangerous, the plastic retaining loop is not load bearing and it can be absent or broken, even if it holds your weight you can cause an uncontrollable fall in your second by simply tripping and tension on this carbiner can prevent the autoblocking function from operating at all Consider also that auto-blocking devices are usually most critical ...


I would definitely discourage this. Accidentially releasing the device is dangerous and can lead to fatal incidents. Moreover, releasing the device is rarely needed to my experience. Therefore this does not make the risk any more acceptable. An engaged ATC in guidemode can easily be released by hooking a carabiner into the little hole at the front and ...


Pelican makes small cases for electronics. There is likely something of a size to do what you want.


One possibility: Check out the home improvement store. Check the tool section. You can get all sorts of attachments for tool belts, including ones to carry things like a cell phone. They aren't rigid. If rock climbing I'd use this and something like an Otter Case to protect the phone itself. They don't have a ring for a 'biner, but they do have a loop ...

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