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What coastal creature leaves braid-like trace that has clear landing and take off points?

This is almost exactly the opposite of what you think it is - it is actually from a burrowing animal, so instead of flying, it is actually burrowing into the sub-surface liquifaction layer of the sand ...
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What coastal creature leaves braid-like trace that has clear landing and take off points?

I too think it's from a burrowing animal. Instead of crab I would say it is some kind of lugworm/sandworm. I found this similar image: https://www.plainpicture.com/de/images/1443397 The keywords for ...
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How can you identify whether brackish water is too salty to drink?

Just taste it. As in this answer, normal saline matches what you have in you at 9 grams of salt to a liter of water (this is 9 times as much as Gatorade). If you ever try to drink the stuff, its ...
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Are there any inedible seaweeds on the UK coastline?

Here in the UK, there are several varieties of seaweeds that are tasty and are readily available for foraging, each with its unique flavour and texture. While they are strictly no poisonous/unsafe ...
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Are coasteering routes graded, or does one have to rely on a qualitative description of the difficulties of a route?

From the coasteering excursions I and my family have been on in Scotland, the rest of the UK and some other European countries, there appears to be no consistent grading. What I have seen is use of ...
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Where exactly is this rocky shoreline in the Downeast region of Maine, USA?

Unfortunately, much of the shoreline of Mt Desert Island looks like that, particularly on the east and south. Stop and think about what you were doing before and after being there. There is only one ...
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