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What kind of animal may have done this?

Almost certainly, this is the work of a woodpecker foraging for grubs in a dead and rotting tree: they tend to move methodically up the trunk excavating at intervals, producing the Swiss cheese effect ...
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Hiking in Lappland in August - what about animals?

Lapland has moose. As AMC Outdoors says in its article Do You Know How to Respond to a Moose Encounter? Any moose, at any time of year, may respond aggressively if provoked by your presence The ...
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Wild animals in Finland and Norway

None. Bears and wolves are no safety concern in Norway and Finland. Both are shy and, since they are not used to human contact (opposite to say, some places in the US where bears are used to people) ...
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Finnish maps: bogs easy vs hard to traverse

Ok so I do't have excessive first hand experience at crossing bogs - but did find an couple of interesting reads which may help to answer some of your questions. From researching, bogs are not that ...
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What kind of animal may have done this?

Not sure about all the bark being stripped off, but the elongated holes look like the work of pileated woodpeckers.
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