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Vehicle fuels have to do more than just burn. They have to ignite as expected, not clog fuel filters and not bring too much water with them; they may also have to lubricate. This means old vehicle fuels might run rough or have trouble starting. Old vehicle fuel can still be brunt in unfussy engines, at least if mixed with fresh in small quantities. New ...


Keep means of putting the fire out if it starts spreading - water, a blanket, sturdy boots, whatever. If the fires is to be left unattended (e.g. everyone is sleeping around it) remove any fuel in a large radius from it. What follows is extremely controversial(!!) but I'll share it nevertheless. One way of doing that is to let the fire spread! This requires ...


If you are worried about putting it in a lighter or something, spurt a bit out in a safe container and light it up, see if it burns to your satisfaction, if it doesn’t, pitch it. It costs $4.50/12 oz on amazon, so if you are worried about it fouling up anything you value, again, pitch it or put 50 cents on each and have a yard sale.


I do not necessarily agree with some previous comments. One one side, ambers will typically only burn a hole into your clothes, particularly any synthetic like polyester or nylon. It does not matter what you are wearing, you may get burn holes. I found cotton or wool the best and hole resistant. Any polyester will get burn holes. However, the question was ...

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