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Given your comment that you want to replace an adhesive bandage, rather than medical tape: Yes, you can use duct tape + CLEAN cloth for this, but you can do a few things to make it more pleasant. Cut your fabric large enough so that the edges are far from the actual wound, this will reduce pulling on the wound when you remove the tape. Only tape around the ...


FWIW, I have found blue Painter's Tape to be preferable to DuctTape for just about any application imaginable. It's strong,lasts, removes easily, etc. Maybe keep a roll of Painter's Tape in your emergency pack instead of DuctTape.


Yes you can. Just be aware that Duct tape is very sticky in comparison to regular medical tape, so when you go to peel it off, it puts a lot more stress on the healing wound and is likely to re-open it. Ischemia isn't particularly likely unless you are putting pressure on the wound or tightly wrapping all the way around a limb or digit. One thing that might ...

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