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It depends on the kind of camping you want to do. The easiest type of camping to find is camping at a campground. Usually this involves paying a nightly fee (often around $20-30 per night) for a numbered, designated campsite. Usually the campsite comes with a fire pit and/or grill, a picnic table, a parking spot, and space to pitch a tent. Most campgrounds ...


There are no places in the US that meet your two criteria. Gathering firewood is banded in most campgrounds. As seen in the related post, you can gather firewood in some very secluded locations, which will mostly exclude beach access. Dispersed camping allowing gathered wood fires within 5 hours of San Francisco? Also you will need a fishing license to ...


I would be reluctant to use a live basket, stringer, or a keep net from a kayak or canoe in any southern water that may harbor an alligator. Securing that basket to a thwart and tempting an animal with large teeth to latch onto it just sounds like a bad idea to me..


It is better to have an idea what to do with the fish rather than spoil a life. The kill method you mentioned is the ikejime method (). Ikejime is just a fancy Japanese word for sticking a sharp screwdriver to a fish's brain (where it is widely practiced). This method kills the fish humanely, with immediate brain dead. This also improve the flavor. Highly ...

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