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For anything surf or pier fishing I would recommend at least a 9 ft pole for casting far. I'm a big fan of Shimano Terez rods.


After fishing I always wash my reels down with fresh water to get rid of grit. Also have you tried lubricating your reels more often, this could help too. I love using Shimano spinners and have had no problem with grit, that could be an option too.


There are lots of options - the most popular seem to be rotting fish and chicken parts. In a pinch, dog or cat food seems to also work though it's not quite as effective as the alternatives. The general rule is the smellier the better. You can also try a variety of crab attractants which are made from concentrated fish parts and are extremely smelly. They ...


It seems that sometimes they're called "wire crab net" and sometimes just "crab net". The problem is possibly that you're looking for dip nets which are soft, the specific crab nets are often wire mesh. I'm also getting a few sets of instructions to build your own in the results.

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