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What’s the best thing to wear on your hands when sea kayaking in very cold weather?

The best answer I’ve come up with so far is to combine neoprene paddling gloves such as those sold by NRS with an additional pair of waterproof or semi-waterproof mitten shells designed to be worn ...
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What’s the best thing to wear on your hands when sea kayaking in very cold weather?

I haven't been paddling much for several years, but I used to go all winter with simple fleece gloves inside waterproof dishwashing rubber gloves. I tried a half dozen other alternatives, including ...
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Is there a practical "Measurement of warmth"?

The physicists answer: there could be such a measure (it exists for example for the insulation of buildings), but it would in the case of clothing depend on so many factors that it would be close to ...
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What’s the best thing to wear on your hands when sea kayaking in very cold weather?

Sometimes known as paddle mitts, pogies are your friends here, you can choose to wear gloves in them as well or not, depending on how cold it's got, but most importantly they allow you full contact ...
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Difference between Mittens and Gloves

Gloves have separate fingers; they are less warm but allow you to use your hands better. Mittens have only a separate thumb; they are warmer but restrict the hands. Both types come in all sorts of ...
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Leather Work Gloves or Aramid Fiber Gloves for Bonfires?

If leather gloves are doing the job, why change? There are a lot of variables, but it really comes down to exposure. For the most part gloves only protect your hands. When working in and around a ...
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At what temperature should one switch from gloves to mittens?

As @Paul Lydon said, it is subjective because some people feel the cold more than others. Plus some people who are otherwise relatively unaffected by cold may, because of circulation problems, feel ...
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Are mittens warmer than gloves?

Are mittens warmer than gloves? Let's answer this question. To start off, we need to think about heat. Mittens have all your fingers but your thumb pretty much touching. All of these fingers ...
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Drying neoprene gloves to prevent growth of fungi

How to dry a waterproof glove The basic strategy is to start the drying by manually remove as much water as possible, then finish by air drying. Grab the glove by the tips of the fingers, with the ...
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