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Is a camping grill an indispensable cooking utensil in the wild?

A grill is only needed when you want to grill. Otherwise there are lots of ways to cook food over an open fire. You can use the classic spit over a fire: You can use rocks to elevate a container ...
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Which characteristics to look for in charcoal for a Son Of Hibachi portable grill?

From experience, self-lighting treated charcoals give a bad flavor to the food, as do liquid lighters. I used to use a stack in a metal chimney to light. Always use the freshest and very dry charcoal ...
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How to properly light a Son Of Hibachi

I’ve been using this grill for a few years now whenever I go outside to a park or something. It works great and to get it going you put it in vertical position, put the top lid on opened about 30-50 % ...
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How to properly light a Son Of Hibachi

From the "quick overview" it looks like the charcoal is started in the closed vertical position, which should get all the coals hot fairly quickly. And indeed, the process can be seen on YouTube: ...
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