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Soak the mug in a sink of hot water to warm it up quickly. Be prepared to pry the gas cartridge out quickly, perhaps using small screwdrivers or needle nose pliers. The thermal mass of the gas in the cartridge will help slow it heating. Some shaking may help. Then, don’t do that again;)!


The coefficient of expansion of mild steel is about 12. The coefficient of expansion of 304 stainless steel is about 17. This means the cup expands more with heat than the cannister, so warming the whole assembly should loosen it. If it was a porcelain, glass, stoneware or other pottery cup, the advice would be the other way around. Coefficient for ...


Put a few drops of oil into the mug where it meets the canister. If the oil can seep past there, into the mug, add as much oil as possible. See whether you can twist the canister out. If not: Chill the whole assembly. Get tools to handle the mug and canister. Heat the mug in very hot water, and pry it out. Twist as you pry.


How did this happen? Yes, the mug was warm. But also, the gas canister got colder. It is stored in liquid form, but you use it in gaseous form. That means as you use it, the liquid gas must boil. To transition from liquid to gaseous state, the liquid gas must absorb heat energy equal to its latent heat of vaporization. It steals that energy by chilling (...


There are multiple types of winter hiking that you may refer to. First there is the winter hiking trails. These are often found in or near ski resorts. They are often groomed and can therefore be used with normal boots, no snow shoes required. There trails are typically leading from one cable car station to another or from town to town. Lower in the valley ...


Duct tape a loop of twine or a shoe lace to the visible face of the canister. Then pull the canister out.


You can use hot glue sticks to pull it out. Warm a couple of glue sticks from one end and stick to the visible area of the canister. Let it cool down. Now the glue sticks will act as a handle to the can. You can pull the can out slowly. If glue gets removed, try again a couple of times. You can also use this method along with putting the mug in hot water for ...


Swiss Alpine Club (SAC-CAS) has a colletion of guide books however only few are available in English. SAC also has Tour Portal available in English with almost 1800 tours categorized by type (hiking, climbing, ski touring, via ferrata) and difficulty. I personally find it to be the best resource about trails and tours in Switzerland.


For running, I had knee problems when I 'landed' on my heel after every step. This forces the shock going directly into your knee. I 'fixed' this force by landing every step on my mid foot. I can imagine for walking when you want to roll your foot as much as possible it is hard, but you can try to reduce the force by: insoles (but note that this costs ...


I see a lot of ideas already. Whenever a kid gets bored (or better: before that time), make sure it gets distracted. For kids a long walk without much 'change' is maybe boring. So you can try: Singing songs together (don't make other hikers annoyed) Find games to do … this can be simple or more difficult, depending on the age, e.g. Count animals (of a ...

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