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Disclaimer: this doesn't really answer any of the specific questions other than the "anything else" one - which is why it was originally a comment. However, as @fygsin asked me to put it into an answer, here go my 2 ct: How far do kids walk? When I was in kindergarden (so age 3 - 6), sometimes dad would collect me to walk home ≈ 2-2.5 km after a full ...


Hiking in December in the Himalayan Region of Nepal is quite difficult as compared to another month. The end of December is even more difficult. for Manaslu Circuit Trek you need to pass Larkya La Pass at the height of 5106m from the Sea Level. Whereas ABC is situated at just 4130m high. The temperature in Larkya LA pass may exceed below -16 Celcius, in ABC ...

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