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Conditions that can lead to clear ice such as this are: Water with few impurities causing less scattering of light: This lake does not have any water flowing into it, therefore rain is the only source of water Freeze the water slowly so that impurities and air bubbles can rise to the surface, and in the case of air, escape. The area of the lake in the video ...


It looks like it will depend on the beach, some beaches have restrictions on where you can launch, some don't and some do not allow kayaks or paddles sports. It would probably be easiest to ask the park department which beaches allow kayaks or you could go through the list and see if a particular beach allows it.


Those look like Wood Frog eggs. You would expect to find Wood Frogs breeding in ponds, vernal pools, and marsh edges in or near forested habitat at a wide range of elevations as soon as the snow melts and the ground thaws. A typical egg mass can have between 500 and 2000 eggs. The embryos start out black on top and white on the bottom, as do most open-...


The primary occluding agent is air bubbles that separate from the water as ice forms. You can get clear ice cubes for drinks by heating the water first to expel most of the air before you freeze it. Water that freezes slowly allows more time for air to move out of the way. A small current that move air bubbles along will allow small bubbles to be herded ...

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