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I added 1/8th gal of leftover Coleman camp stove fuel to approximately 6 gals 87 octane gas in my car's tank, no ill effects. 2010 Suzuki SX4. According to Wikipedia, Coleman Fuel is like 56 - 60 octane gasoline w/o the additives, so a small amount won't change the blend too much. YMMV (literally).


If you find yourself in a remote area without a supply of "normal" stove fuels, you might try lamp oil, tiki torch fuel, citronella oil, charcoal lighter fluid, cigarette lighter fluid, graffiti remover solvent, WD-40 (non-aerosol), lemon oil, Marvel Mystery Oil, etc. They are all light hydrocarbons and they all burn more or less like kerosene. My ...


There are a couple of reasons why you can't use alcohol or acetone: A petrol/gasoline/kerosene/diesel etc. stove needs the fuel to be vapourised, under pressure and mixed with air for it to burn (cleanly/efficiently). Alcohol doesn't. You can burn it cleanly in an open cup, though designs with a ring of jets work well; these are different to the jet plus ...


No alcohol - because these use a vapour phase to burn, this is best achieved by evaporation from the surface of the fuel under the heat generated by burning. Pressurizing alcohol based fuels results in a flame-thrower is my understanding. It depends on the jet you have - larger jets for fuels with low vapour pressure generally. Kerosene is heavy-chain ...

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