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Butterfly Migration over Lassen Peak

I just spoke with a park ranger at Lassen Volcanic National Park. I was told that the huge group of California Tortoiseshell butterflies, Nymphalis californica, spend time at the summit pretty much ...
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Where have all the sandpipers gone?

Almost all North American sandpipers nest far up north (from the northern Great Plains to the shores of the Arctic Ocean). They winter in moderate numbers along the coasts, and very large numbers of ...
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Snowshoe hare migration patterns through changing seasons

This page makes it seem like they do not migrate. Most other plant eaters, like deer and elk, vacate deep snowy areas and migrate to the lowlands, river bottoms, or south-facing slopes that are ...
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What is the meaning and proper usage of the term "irruption" in bird behavior?

TLDR: Its when a massive amount of birds suddenly migrate all at once to a area they aren't usually found in. An irruption is a dramatic, irregular migration of large numbers of birds to areas ...
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Are Dolphin sightings seasonal or serendipitous?

My experience relates to Common Dolphin, but likely applies to dolphins of other species, too. Although dolphin may be seen at any time, you are most likely to see them in proximity to food. So if ...
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Can arctic terns be spotted everywhere?

National Geographic has a relevant page for the Arctic tern Can arctic terns be spotted everywhere? Arctic terns can be found just about everywhere as their travels take them to every ocean and every ...
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