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Snow levels should be reduced by the end of April, but expect snow at the higher elevations (which continue receiving new snow often through May). If moisture blows in off the Atlantic, conditions can change extremely rapidly, so be sure to check the weather forecast before ascending. When I was there late last March, the weather was lovely in Imlil one ...


Do you have any sources for past snow levels? A good educated guess is always to take the average snow level at this time slightly corrected if the current snow level differs strongly from the long term average


Sargo are bottom feeders, and prefer crustaceans as their staple diet. The most reliable choices for bait include shrimp/prawns, mussels, squid, clams, and sea snails. People also catch them with worms, and small pieces of fish. Where they're plentiful, they'll eat other bait that people have on hand when catching similar fish in the same water. There's ...


Another tested bait with very good results is fresh chicken breast with garlic powder. Also, in my opinion Sargo become more active when sea is dome & rough , weather is dull and takes air mostly in rock bottom. Lastly, use circle hooks to avoid hooks break from Sargo strong & sharp teeth.

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