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Wolves and coyotes are crepuscular, not nocturnal. That is, they hunt in the early morning and in the evening, not at night.


There are usually some light sources, even on a moonless night there are stars. Even with thin cloud cover it is not that bad, it blocks some light but also reflects some. Only a really overcast night is going to be "completely dark", and that's not that common. Animals that are active at dawn/dusk/night have generally adapted to make do with ...


I've tried hiking with a flashlight, no thanks, it's always my headlamp. The headlamp leaves my hands free for my poles. It's nowhere near as bright as a flashlight but it's bright enough to hike with. My flashlight normally stays in my pack--it's come out once when we weren't sure of the path (we knew where we were going but the trail disappeared on ...

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