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Finding points in terrain, with help of special maps, in form of competition or training.

Orienteering is an outdoor activity where the participant has to find points in terrain, using specially prepared maps. Orienteering can have the form of competition or of training, aimed at increasing navigational skills.

There are various forms of orienteering, such as:

  • orienteering marches, including training maps, military-like activities, puzzle solving (highly transformed maps)
  • orienteering runs, including sprints and ultra-marathons
  • rogaining, where the participant has to find as much points as possible within a time limit
  • adventure racing - a mix of orienteering run/bike ride + special tasks
  • bike orienteering
  • canoe orienteering

Standard orienteering marches map:
enter image description here

Highly transformed maps for orienteering march: Picture of orienteering map Picture of orienteering map