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Pack rafts vs Canoe

Pack rafts were designed originally for the Brooks Range in Alaska as a way to run remote creeks that were otherwise impractical or impossible to get boats to. They weren't originally designed for ...
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Are there reusable inflatable life vests (or PFDs)?

Yes, pretty much every Inflatable PFD is designed like this. To give some indication, have a look at this model: Mustang Elite 38 and its owner's manual. (Note: this answer is not intended to be an ...
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Pack rafts vs Canoe

I think your are enquiring about an XY problem. You are asking about pack rafts vs. canoes, but what you actually want to know is which kind of watercraft fulfils all of the following requirements: ...
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What features should I look for in a packraft?

As with most of the gear the decision what (and if) to buy will depend on your use-case and what trade-offs are you willing to make. Use-case: What environment are you going to use the packraft in? ...
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