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Do black, brown/grizzly or polar bears ever prey on humans?

TLDR: While rare, it definitely happens. In fact the majority of people killed by black bears in North America were killed by aggressive bears not by say surprised bears or mothers defending their ...
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What might being certified as a polar bear guard involve?

There is not a huge amount of information on the subject of a Polar Bear Guard Training Course. It seems to be a three day course that deals more on deterrent methods and polar bear protection, than ...
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Bear spray vs. rifles against polar bears?

A difference on the side of the rifle would be that polar bears live in more open environments, so they're easier to see coming. A difference on the pepper spray side could be that these open plains ...
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Why would a polar bear or other top predator give away his kill, as opposed to merely allowing scavengers to clean up after it?

A possible explanation is the wolf-raven interactions described in this question. Ravens and wolves share kills. Ravens will descend almost immediately after -- sometimes even before -- the wolves ...
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Bear spray vs. rifles against polar bears?

We carry both, a handgun (.45) and bear spray in black bear/grizzly country. A warning shot recently stopped a black bear from (bluff) charging LONG before it was within range of the bear spray. I ...
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