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What animals can kill a porcupine? Porcupines are covered with quills that painfully stick into almost any predator that tries to attack them. For this reason, porcupines do not have to fear being eaten by very many animals. Three animals, however, has figured out how to eat porcupines. Bobcats, cougars and fishers have learned that a porcupine has ...


According to the University of Michigan, Dept. of Zoology, porcupines are preyed on by lynx, bobcats, mountain lions, wolves, wolverines and great horned owls. I'm surprised this reference doesn't mention the fisher, which I thought was the best known porcupine predator. I was also surprised to learn that wolves prey on porcupines. A third thing that ...


Porcupines are den animals, and rarely venture far from their dens. Trees are where they find food, but they seek shelter in little hidey-holes wherever they can find them. Most of the time, their dens are on or near the ground. They'll den in hollowed out logs, stumps, gaps in rocks, etc. Sleeping in trees makes them easy targets for feliform predators.


Dogs The answer to the question of what kills porcupines can be highly dependent on location. Here in southeast Alaska porcupines regularly make their way into or near towns, villages, residential areas, recreational areas, and trails, so interactions with dogs can be common in areas where people frequent. Sometimes the porcupine is killed (I know one dog ...

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