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Can anyone identify this small black swimming creature?

That's a mottled sea hare. Image source Aplysia fasciata, common name the "mottled sea hare", or the "sooty sea hare", is an Atlantic species of sea hare or sea slug, a marine opisthobranch ...
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Winter camping in Western Europe sleeping bag question

Depending on where you are camping I would recommend a three or four season synthetic sleeping bag. Synthetic bags are generally cheaper and bulkier than down bags for an equivalent warmth. As you ...
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Who to contact for a bird with broken wing in Portugal, Algarve?

The numbers I've called on the slim chance they are helpful for someone else in the future even though they did not work for me sadly: 1) SOS Environment Line (SEPNA / GNR) 808 200 520 2) The ...
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Who to contact for a bird with broken wing in Portugal, Algarve?

The British organisation RSPB is partnering: SPEA-BirdLife Portugal, Avenida da Liberdade, No 105 - 2oEsq, 1250-140 Lisboa, Portugal Telephone: (+351) 21 322 04 03. As shown here. ...
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Should I expect to need snowshoes in the Serra da Estrela in April?

It might help in places, but you'd be taking them on and off regularly as the snow is mostly patchy, and it doesn't address the bigger problem of meltwater. The highest part of the Serra de Estrela, ...
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Are these tracks on the sand in Portugal dormouse tracks?

This Cabo da Roca guide offers three options: a badger, an Egyptian mongoose, or a weasel. Badger is quite big and, according to East Surrey Badger Protection Society, "The front paws of an adult ...
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