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Averaging would help a lot. I assume the precision is smaller than the accuracy, as it is on my old etrex and all phones, with or without barometers (it probably reads to the nearest metre, maybe even the nearest foot). Ideally you'd survey exactly the same spots multiple times, and for each spot work out an average height. I would offset (subtract a ...


The answer is that it is very expensive to make compared to other forms of preservation, especially in the home. Canning can be done at home with nothing more than jars, lids, water and an oven. Smoking you need a fire and something to hold the meat. Freezing, you need a source of cold (which we usually didn't have until very recently in human history). ...


According to the Italian language Grande Traversate delle Alpi, Vol. 2, the GTA continues to the Lago Maggiore, which (unlike any other description I've seen) would be consistent with the photo I took above the Val Agrasino. According to a review of this book, the northern/eastern end would be Cannobio at the Lago Maggiore.

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