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The bow's length and its influence

I know that bow length needs to match the draw length mostly because you lose precision if overdrawing it as soon as the string stop touching the limbs and just hold on the tips, string can swing ...
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Does a Bear Archery bow quiver influence my Grizzly?

The earlier answers were "Technically" correct, but how many bows are in use today with a quiver attached? Again, strictly scientifically speaking, yes it adds weight to one side, however in real ...
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Does rain harm a bow

From the sales material you quote it sounds like the 'wood' in question has been vacuum stabilised. This involves completely saturating the wood with a polymer resin so it is in effect more like a ...
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Is an IBEP/EBF course also possible with a recurve bow?

yes, it is possible, at least for the Alabama curriculum it is. Alabama doesn't require the course, but other states do and you can take it online. The course specifically talks about recurves and ...
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