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"Official" providers of topographic maps per country

A good collection of digital topographic providers is the source list of Outdooractive, most of which is now integrated into this answer. Europe Austria: The Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen (...
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Climbing before 1950: photography book/database

I found a site that has a number of old climbing photographs from around that time and I think is your best option (that I could find). Historical Rock Climbing Images 1890s - 1930s There is also ...
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What date does a moon phase guide represent?

I believe the way that it works, is the the time at which it peaks/goes darkest is marked as the day that it happens. In this case, on Feb 26th, according to this page, the New Moon will peak at 14:...
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Overview of free and open huts in Norway outside the system of the official tourist association DNT might lead you to the right fjellstyre and their website with more information about huts here is also a good start for finding open huts.. [...
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Resources for finding organised treks based on specific criteria would probably be helpful. You can search based on location, difficulty, length, etc. Hope this helps.
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Resources for camping in Georgia (country)

Wikipedia has a list of the national parks of Georgia. Here is the link to the ecotourism section of the Georgian Agency of Protected ...
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Resources for camping in Georgia (country)

Here is the website of some private travel agency. I would try to message them in IG. FYI, they offer camping trips at The Black Sea, not sure about mountain ...
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Where can I find current information on shelters in the Swedish mountains?

Always get the most recently printed maps before you head up. Hopefully it's updated with the latest information. Obviously if a hut has burned down a week ago it'll still be on the map. But a year ...
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Looking for a Topographical map resource?

While getting U.S.G.S maps are very good... If you are going to a specific park, check their website and search for trail books with organization that support the park such as the "Friends of [park ...
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Resources for finding public hunting land

Probably the best, but not the cheapest solution is to get a GPS with a hunting map overlay. These will show all sorts of things like, Hunting area boundaries Public lands Private land open to ...
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