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Is rope-soloing inherently dangerous, and if so, why?

I would like to add several more factors to generally excellent answer by @imsodin. These reasons are perhaps more technical and assume passing familiarity with rope solo techniques. There are ...
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Big wall strategies for a three-member team

As with all things climbing, the exact strategies employed will vary with the route/terrain, conditions, and the competencies of the party members. I'll try to give some general guidelines and ...
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Lowering a climber from above using a belay device in autolocking mode

Since this question was first asked & answered, another method has come to prominence: the Load Strand Direct (LSD) method. It is much easier to control than faffing about with levering around the ...
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Is belaying with a hip belay unsafe?

At least several climbing communities continued to use the "hip belay" (usually under the butt) for static top-roping, well into the '70s, and for most of them, the migration seemed to be ...

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