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How should I check climbing equipment to tell whether it is still safe to use?

For textile materials (like harness, ropes, slings), most manufactures claim a life-time of max. 10 years, even for material which is not used and just stored in good conditions, i.e. in dry and dark ...
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When did the manufacture date became mandatory written on labels?

I found these ones at Edelrid webpage EN 12277:2007. The following compulsory information is provided by the manufacturer on the product: Type of harness / model designation; Information explaining ...
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Is rope-soloing inherently dangerous, and if so, why?

I would like to add several more factors to generally excellent answer by @imsodin. These reasons are perhaps more technical and assume passing familiarity with rope solo techniques. There are ...
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Do puff adders really not bite you if you step on them?

Having lived all my life in Southern Africa and seen many Puffadders (as well as being part of a snake club which held a number of them in captivity), I can assure you that a Puffadder will bite you ...
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Do puff adders really not bite you if you step on them?

The comments above rightly iterate the fact that snakes want to be left alone and they would use whatever natural mechanism to evade. Coming to your questions: Is the man telling the truth, that the ...
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