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The single best, most important, piece of information is your location (or your last/latest known location). Most of the time now this information can be provided with a cell phone. OBVIOUSLY YOU DONT ALWAYS HAVE CELL SERVICE, but most of the time you probably do. Using a free app like Real-Time GPS Tracker is orders of magnitudes better than any other ...


The question is a bit old, so I believe this equipment got more common in the later years. To keep yourself safe, you can use a stick clip, the most common model now being Beta Stick. They are typically used to clip the first bolt, but you can attach them to your harness, then find a safe position before the runout section (probably put yourself on safety at ...


No for quality guns, possible for poor quality ones. Here's a video of a gun spontaneously firing when shaken. Notice in the 2nd half of the video that it can fire even with the safety on. Basically don't buy crappy guns such as Taurus pistols.


It is important to never let a bear get any of your food. Do not cook and eat in the open outside your shelter. You would be foolish to try to defend your food in the open. You can cure a bear from trying to steal any camper’’s food if you cook and eat inside and give him a good dose of pepper spray. Your shelter should have a peek out vent on every side. ...


For a period of time, asbestos was used. I have slept in an old army tent and the jacks were (I think but did not cut them to see) asbestos. There great, lightish durable, and totally safe until you rip it, breathe asbestos for awhile and die of lung cancer.

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