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Of course, you can, but tactical lights are ideally suited for tactical use. It is constructed of a higher grade of aluminium and is more durable, and they are smaller and easier to carry than standard flashlights, and they are waterproof. It is great for self-defence in an emergency. It can emit light intense enough to discourage an attacker, disorient them ...


Yes you can use but it is better use tactical flashlights. Tactical flashlights are much more durable. Many are made with a higher grade of aluminum and are armor-coated. They are normally lighter in weight than a regular flashlight. And they're resistant to weather, shocks and corrosion.


The design benefit of these emitters is that the brightness comes from a much smaller area. This means that the optics can focus the light into a smaller spot. There doesn't, at the moment, seem to be an efficiency benefit over the best LEDs, except perhaps in low power modes. This is partly because current designs are optimised for maximum brightness. ...


This question has changed quite a lot, so I will actually add another answer. I can see the latest update for the planned Ha Ha wall as a workable idea, it seems to fit all the required parameters of your (updated) question. However, the necessary height of it will essentially turn your outdoor campsite into a Vauban redoubt: Here is a source for bear ...

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