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While berry120's answer is spot on, I would like to add the following: Overestimating yourself. A lot of times I see people swimming as fast as possible and as far as possible, either to show off of your swimming skills or just feeling invincible. Before entering any type of water consider your fitness level, e.g., maybe you're intoxicated. Getting lost. A ...


Focusing on the dangers of Swift water [Rivers and even small streams]: Many rivers and streams may look calm and inviting, especially in the hot summer, but can have hidden dangers. Foot Entrapment Any time you are in water moving at over 2 kts [about 3.7km/h] if you get a foot trapped [in a rock, branch or what ever] and the water is deeper that your ...


Were any lighthouses designed to also provide directional information? Yes. All of Norway has that. Maps indicate what colour is shown in what direction: Source: Norgeskart


Yes, this system is in use, on the coast of Victoria at least. I cannot get the maritime website to work on this device, there was a sweep (rotating light) and a flash. Both lights coincide when you are in a perticular place. Not sure if it is for a channel, or general direction (same as VOR).


Water temperature. If you are used to swimming in public swimming pools, the water temperature is often controlled and always within a safe area (or the pool will have warnings or is closed.) Natural water will come with whatever temperature nature provides, which is often colder than what man made pools are kept at. Seeing others taking a dip is not a ...

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