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Slingshot resources

On the surface this seems like a rather simple question, But imagine if the question was "What should I look for in hunting gun?" Essentially the same question, just a different weapon. I found an ...
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Slingshot resources

The Pocket Shot! If you want a slingshot for backpacking, then this is the one I'd recommend: It looks unconventional, but I think it's genius, best part is you can store all your ammo in it and it ...
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Is it possible to make a slingshot from "Natural" resources?

As far as I am aware, the closest thing to a slingshot made without vulcanised rubber or synthetic elastomers is the pellet bow. This fires stones or pellets (as a slingshot does), but uses energy ...
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How to calculate the energy of a slingshot projectile?

In order to do this, you need the weight of the projectile and its velocity. The way to measure the velocity is to use a modern gun chronograph, you shoot the projectile through the to screens and it ...
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