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That snow clearly isn't fresh and has been slowly melting and refreezing for a few days. The thing is, prints get larger as the snow melts. I own retrievers that weight about 34 kg (75 lb) and I've seen their prints appear that large after a few days of mild temps even though they're significantly smaller than the average North American wolf. So whatever ...


Spain is mediocre when it comes to topographic maps. Certainly beats Italy, but you won't find the quality of France, Switzerland, Germany, or northern Europe. They're not too old — you can find maps less than 10 years old in the new digital series, at scales down to 1:25,000. In general, what's on the map exists and is accurate. Unfortunately: most ...


My wife and I have just returned from a week of hiking in and near the eastern Pyrenees, starting from Foix, having flown in to Toulouse. The train journey from Toulouse to Foix is pleasant and takes about three hours. From there we did three days on the Sentier Cathar, which follows the route of the GR107, then a day south on the GR107 to Ax les Thermes, ...


I would consider using OSM as they are available for garmin devices.


Depending on where you are camping I would recommend a three or four season synthetic sleeping bag. Synthetic bags are generally cheaper and bulkier than down bags for an equivalent warmth. As you are car camping the additional bulk isn't that important. Most of Spain has night temperatures between 5-0 C this time of year so a three season bag should be ...


The phone number is right: + 34 956 70 97 33 (Grazalema's park visitors centre, El Bosque) You can send an email to this address: In this mail, you must provide: Passport number. Number of persons. Date of the visit. Trail to follow (read below, the restricted area you want to visit). Restricted areas are: ...


If you want to go on walking routes then a good option is they will post walking guides internationally. Many of the guides include maps for the routes. The routes are also waymarked which is a large advantage as well. Even if you are not very good at Spanish it is worth getting the books because they are a lot cheaper than the maps. I ...


Quoting Wikipedia: The horns of mature rams are curved in almost one full revolution (up to 85 cm). You could have seen a young one or a female. Females can be horned or polled.


To add to ppl's reply, Free maps for Garmin brand GPS devices And Ibycus Topo And GpsFileDepot. And there's probably more that could be added.


I have just found out that you can book visits online (only spanish language): In main page ( you can find visitor centers in natural areas of Andalusia (spanish southern region) Best regards!

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