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If it's below freezing, then you don't need to do much more to it apart from take it off of the animal. The Inuit in Northern Canada wear raw caribou hides, and keep them in the freezer over the summer months. So if you're in need of a warm coat to stave off the cold. You can just put it on raw and it'll suffice. To make it soft, you'll need to scrape off ...


Preservation If you have properly skinned the animal and scraped off all the bits of fat/flesh/... from the back side of the hide (see here for example) there is not really a need to further 'preserve' it except for drying it. This can be done using salt or, more likely in a survival situation, over a fire. Tanning The real issue you'll have is with ...


Remove hide. Scrape of all fat. Rub with animals brain, let set overnight. Cold smoke the hide over punk wood. { almost dry rotted wood} You need a cold smoke. This is what you call raw hide. Very stiff. pound with round rocks to soften. Chew with teeth next for extra soft.


I've tanned some hides before. I believe you want to do only half the process otherwise you lose the fur. Basically, you flay the animal (remove the skin). Then wash all the blood and stuff. Get it nice and clean and let it dry. I found direct sun dried is better. Also, if you can tie it up really stretched it will be better. It's not a very complex ...

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