Yes, there are reports of this happening. A quote from Time: According to wildlife-advocacy group TRAFFIC, poachers in Burma, officially known as Myanmar, corral elephants into jungle pits, after which older animals are slaughtered and the more valuable young ones tortured into submission before being trafficked over the porous border to entertain tourists ...


That is a species of longhorn beetle called Aristobia approximator. There are two or three different species that live in my region but I wasn't familiar with this particular one which is quite impressive looking. Since it seems to feed on teak, this has to be an Asian species.


From what i can tell, and the little bit of research i did it appears to be a "Flat backed millipede" or part of the Polydesmida family, of which there are a huge variety and many are hard to tell apart. Polydesmida (from the Greek poly "many" and desmos "bond") is the largest order of millipedes, containing approximately 3,500 species,1 including all the ...

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